Wednesday 1st February - 8:00pm

Open Mic Night

We extend a big welcome to all musicians, poets, comedians, storytellers and any other performers to come down and show your talents in the Ropemakers Open Mic Night. Hosted by the talented Chris Deacon.

Friday 3rd February - 9:15pm

The Fat Marrow Blues Band

The Fat Marrow Blues Band plays a mixture of funky rhythm and blues and jazzy rock and roll and is well known locally as a tight band who play a good gig. Starting off as a six piece in the 90’s with drum, bass, 2 guitars, harmonica ad saxophone they have featured in BBC documentaries, filled the best venues in the southwest and nearly supported Otis Grand at the Cheese and Grain in Frome. Now featuring a trombone in the Mendip Horn brass section, the emphasis for the band is to have as much fun as the audience so come join in.

Saturday 4th February - 9:15pm

Oconee Bell

Oconee Bell are a new four piece band (vocals, guitar/banjo, cello, viola and violin) playing a variety of musical styles (Americana, Country, folk, pop)

Sunday 5th February - 4:00pm

Tim Holehouse

Tim Holehouse is one of the hardest-working musicians out there. For the past 15 years he has been touring the globe with a diverse range of musicians and artists and like a stone gathering moss has brought influences as varying to his sound today. Breaking the 250-300 gig mark most years, Tim leads somewhat of a nomadic existence, but for all intents and purposes, treats London as his home when not out plying his trade to international and domestic audiences. Tim is equally prolific with his recording as he is with his travels, when not gigging his way round the US, Canada, Japan, Iceland, Australia or Europe, he has found the time to release 17 albums and countless split releases, often with artists he tours with. Tim's own sound is hugely varied too, often able to adapt to performing sets depending on the atmosphere of a show. He has been known to release folk, blues, experimental music and much more besides, often on a single tour. Tim's songs come from a place of honesty and a keen ear for anything creative regardless of genre. His own philosophy is that, 'if music is good, it's just good, right?' To get a feel for Tim's wide and varied talent, check out the tracks below, and as Tim often quotes from one of his favourite films, 'Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure': 'Be excellent to each other.”

Wednesday 8th February - 7:30pm

Cheese Club

The February Cheese Club is here with six cheeses from Switzerland for you to try and compare. These are produced by small producers and made in small batches. These will come served with tasting notes, crackers and accompaniments. With each Cheese, Palmers Wine Store have selected a drink to further enhance your enjoyment of the cheese and these are available at an extra cost. The cost for the cheese platter is £7.50 per person. Booking is absolutely essential as these evenings are very popular. There will be three sittings, one at 7:30pm, one at 8:00pm and one at 8:30pm. Booking and pre-payment are essential for this event.

Friday 10th February - 9:15pm

Look Around Corners

A kickass band from the depths of Dorset. Playing fantastic originals and covers in their inimitable style, Alex fronts the band with her rich, powerful voice whilst singing barefoot. To her side is Jack, an ace guitar shredder, if ever I’ve seen one, capable of all sorts of classy licks on his Fender Jaguar as well as adding backing vocals as required. In the engine room is Dingo, laying down a thunderous bottom end bass whilst looking cool as, with Mel’s drumming crisp, deep and spot on always. Check out his fills. In fact, check out the whole band. You won’t be disappointed!

Saturday 11th February - 9:15pm

Quinn's Quinney

If you’ve not seen or heard them before let us help you get an idea of what to expect…it’s late, you’ve had one too many and you stumble into an old pub with low beams and a broken jukebox that keeps jumping between old timey music from the 1950’s and pop and rave classics from the 1990’s. In your confused haze you vaguely recognise one song or another but the arrangements sound like they’ve been orchestrated by a hedgehog with a degree in Baking Science and Technology. They are well known for having fun and smiling and a reviewer from the Daily Echo once stated “Quinns Quinney were worth making the effort to watch” at a festival with only one stage. Oh, and they love it when audiences chant and yell stuff at them, so do that.

Sunday 12th February - 4:00pm

Mutter and Clive

Mutter Slater was the front man and flute player for the 70’s cult band Stackridge (produced by George Martin, signed by Elton John): a group that established itself as a firm favourite on countless stages throughout the land and appeared regularly on BBC TV’s The Old Grey Whistle Test and John Peel’s radio programmes. After Stackridge Mutter returned to a life of quiet domesticity in the South West of England. The song-writing and performing bug eventually got the better of him, leading to the formation of his band and a return to the recording studios – Love & Hate 2006; Riding A Hurricane 2008 (produced by Billy Bragg) and 2014’s Absobloodylutely. His songs reflect his primary interest in 60’s American blues, soul and R’n’B as well as his persistent addiction to a ‘half decent tune’. The music is warm, harmonically panoramic and edgy. Lyrically it’s intriguing; telling of human strengths and frailties and illicit loves, bar room observations, train rides, bus rides, long walks and cosmic disintegration.

Friday 17th February - 9:15pm

Dr. Beatroot

Dr Beatroot are a 5-piece British Skifflely bluegrass band from Bournemouth , Dorset. The band formed in 2017 from a collection of friends and hail as ‘Bunch of passing fools’ who came together from a mixture of other bands and who all just cant get enough Bluegrass and Appalachian roots music. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses Percussive bluegrass, country,skiffle and Appalachian roots with High energy, Traditional and newer tunes that will make you want to Clap along, stamp your feet and sing out loud.

Saturday 18th February - 9:15pm


Bemis are a folk-rock vocal harmony group led by the songs of frontman Gareth Howells, with driving acoustic guitars, catchy hooks and smooth three part harmonies. Beginning life as a duo, Gareth and Richie Leo performed in the South East and the 100 Club before starting to expand their sound to what is now a seven-piece band with 4 vocalists.

Sunday 19th February - 4:00pm

Lil' Jim

Lil Jim is an award winning, multi instrumentalist. Dynamic and irrepressible. Seamlessly tying the roots of traditional music with modern arrangements and hooks. Combining guitar, harmonica and accordion with vocals and foot percussion to create a fresh sound of unstoppable rhythm and unrelenting melody. From supporting Hayseed Dixie, Paul Jones and Midge Ure, with standout shows at Leek Blues and Americana Festival and Acoustic Festival of Britain, Lil Jim is fast becoming the must-see act on the festival and touring circuit.

Monday 20th February - 8:15pm

The Sunset Café Stompers

The Sunset Cafe was a top night-spot on Chicago’s infamous South Side. Al Capone owned it, Louis Armstrong starred there. The Sunset Cafe Stompers do play the music of that period... great tunes from Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller... but the band’s wide repertoire also features songs made famous by artists as diverse as Patsy Cline, Marilyn Monroe, the Inkspots, Fats Domino... even Elvis. Beneath it all, one can sense the elusive, shifting, pulse which defines the sound of New Orleans. In that city, ever since the 1900s, bands have been hired to attract a crowd, or to add spirit and generate excitement for all kinds of occasion. Throughout the last twenty years we have followed in that tradition: playing jazz clubs, concerts for churches, arts centres, village dances, weddings, festivals, funerals, garden parties... from our Dorset/Somerset base, down to Cornwall and up to Cumbria

Thursday 23rd February - 8:00pm

Folk Session

Folk Sessions with Chris Deacon

Friday 24th February - 9:15pm

The Skimmity Hitchers

Rising from the cider soaked floors of Dorset’s back street boozers, the Skimmity Hitchers now roam the full girth of the West Country and beyond. Bringing their dry and fruity blend of Scrumpy & Western music to venues, festivals and fairs, these scrumpy swillin’ reprobates appeal to young and old, and everyone from folkies to cider punks, beardy badgers to shifty blaggers. The ‘Hitchers blend razor sharp parodies and original material with a raucous stage show, spontaneous audience interaction, cheeky banter and general cider shenanigans… In their quest to bring proper job drinkin’ music to the masses the band have stolen the show at events of all types and sizes. Highlights include Camp Bestival, Boomtown Fair, Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival and headline slots at the Great Dorset Steam Fair and OutCider Festival, but there’s simply nowhere these four fruity fellas can’t instigate a good time.

Saturday 25th February - 9:15pm

Joli Blon

Traditional dance music from Louisiana: two-steps, waltzes and a bit of blues brought to you by a core trio of women on accordion, fiddle and guitar

Sunday 26th February - 4:00pm

Daft Trad

Paddy O’Turner presents some Celtic folk in his own style. This chap used to be in the band Smack La who we had many an interesting time with. Should be good!