The Ropemakers is a popular local venue offering regular live music, open mic nights, a monthly chese club, a weekly quiz, a meat draw, and various events throughout the year.

Dorset Day - The Feast of St. Wite

Sat 1st Jun - 8:30pm

Featuring music from Dorset Phil and Sinful Maggie plus the Dorset Knob Gobbling competition this is the inaugural celebration of Dorset Day. Solo Scrumpy and Western from Dorset Phil singer songwriter plays guitar and sings songs about drinking and Dorset. Followed by the mighty Sinful Maggie. Formed in 2015, SINFUL MAGGIE set out to show people that you could have a punk band with an accordion and not play Folk, Gypsy or Celtic Punk. Brothers Charlie and Russ Draper had been writing together for years, but without a band the songs remained unheard. With the addition of Briony Ireland, a rose between two thorns, and Ollie Beaton, the bloke who holds two sticks, the band was ready to take their fast and furious punk rock on the road. Based in Dorset, the band built their fan base in the Bournemouth punk scene, playing along side bands like The Mistakes and Self Abuse, but have since shared bills with Maid of Ace, The Real McKenzies, Buzzcocks and Slaves. The band makes no bones about wearing their influences on their sleeves, often being likened to early Rancid with a bit of The Clash and some Dropkick Murphys to boot, but that doesn’t mean they don’t bring something fresh to the scene.

Reefs of Moonshine

Sun 2nd Jun - 4:00pm

Enjoy an afternoon of very chilled music in the company of acoustic duo Reefs of Moonshine. Lisa’s angelic voice is beautifully complemented by Nick’s intricate guitar playing to create a very polished sound. The duo will perform their own arrangements of popular melodic songs....drawn from the worlds of folk, country and soul music.

Open Mic Night

Wed 5th Jun - 8:30pm

Pack your talent and leave the safety of the bedroom and come on down and strut your inner rock star so that all can enjoy. All types of musician and poet welcomed. Better come early to book yer space. Hosted by the talented Nick and Si from Behind Closed Doors

Thin Wire Fence

Fri 7th Jun - 9:15pm

TWF's music is inspired by the grittier side of the alternative rock/ country movement and their mission is to write good songs to make people feel something. The lyrics are mostly dark and cynical social commentary (DC Smith isn't known for his cheer), the songs prove pedal steel can be a rock instrument (a distortion pedal helps) and they also include a healthy dose of fuzz. The band's eclectic musical influences make for a unique sound that's not so easy to describe ('Fuzzicana' and 'Crunge' are some top suggestions), and there's a lot of energy at their live shows.

The Wing Faced Earth Figs

Sat 8th Jun - 9:15pm

The Wing Faced Earth Figs were freshly formed in the past few years festival circuit. Combining the musical experience of Jake on folk fiddle, Ollie playing incredible jazzy flute and Jolly with his off the wall lyrics, guitar and clarinet, creating an infectiously dance-able delight that still seeks an accurate definition-”bounding campfire jazz”? you won’t be disappointed.

Fly Yeti Fly

Sun 9th Jun - 4:00pm

Fly Yeti Fly are the Wiltshire-based acoustic duo Lorna Somerville and Darren Fisher. Blending sensitive vocal harmonies with intricate guitar arrangements, mandolin and harmonica, the duo weave songs and stories from their travels together, with a sound that is reminiscent of the late-’60s folk scene. Now living on their canal boat on the Kennet & Avon canal, their music is heavily influenced by the natural world and life on the water. Their debut album ‘Shine a Light in the Dark’, released March 2017, has since received critical acclaim.

Cheese Club

Wed 12th Jun - 7:30pm

Six superb and superb different variations of Cheddar Cheese for you to compare, all served with a selection of crackers and accompaniments. Tickets are available from the bar at £7.00 each. Get your tickets early for this popular night as we have limited spaces. Booking for this event is essential.

Uphill and Still

Fri 14th Jun - 9:15pm

Jon and Maddy form a powerful duo of commanding Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar and Washboard, as well as influences of home drawn from opposite sides of the Atlantic. Since their EP release (2016), they have spent 18 months busking and performing across Canada; from PEI fishing bars, to Prairie porches; from West-Coast surf towns, to festival stages in Yukon Territory, absorbing life into their sound.

The Transitions

Sat 16th Jun - 9:15pm

The Transitions are a band created by men old enough to know better but still young enough to care less. They make a bit of dosh mostly having fun covering great songs you had forgotten you liked, and playing them to poor unsuspecting folks in drinking establishments all over sunny Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset. They don't stick to any genres really so we do have a wide and varied arsenal which is perfect for entertaining varied audiences. When they don't have our primitive cave dweller Mr Listy tapping out beats on his ca’jon (a kind of drum), Karlos plays bass guitar and a bass drum whilst Fatt’s plays guitar and tambourine with his foot. As a result Karlos and Fatts will both need hip replacements in a few years time. Come and check them out and witness how a band with no real talent manages to trick drunk people into thinking like they do. Bare in mind in order to do this you will have to stay sober which may not be worth the prize. When you first hear The Transitions you will be amazed by the fact that there are actually only 2 members. They produce the sound of a 4 or 5 piece band. You will hear drums, bass, guitar, harmonica, melodica, keys, lead vocals and harmonies. All performed live by 2 guys standing right in front of you. The Transitions do not use backing tracks to achieve any of this.

Chris Webb

Sun 16th Jun - 4:00pm

Chris Webb is a solo acoustic performer of original contemporary folk songs with whimsical narrative and upbeat fingerstyle guitar playing. Guitarist for ‘Gaz Brookfield and the Company of Thieves’ and Lonely Tourist. Guitarist and co-writer with Plume Of Feathers

Shelby's Elbows

Fri 21st Jun - 9:15pm

Shelby’s Elbows are an acoustic duo, made up of Dorset musicians Martin P. Davies and Phil Jeffs. Formed after meeting in various Open Mic nights in 2008, Shelby’s Elbows have developed into a locally well known entertainment duo, playing a variety of instruments and producing an instantly recognisable sound that surprises people when they discover that there’s only two people making it. Starting out as a covers band, they are now writing and recording their own original music from a wide variety of influences gained from their covers set – from Nirvana to Neil Young, Seal to Skynyrd, Dire Straits to Turin Brakes and anything in between. Shelby’s Elbows are an exciting, dynamic duo, delivering a deep filled sound that punches well above the level which their numeric deficiency should allow. Inspirational lyrics and catchy conundrums for those who like to rock their fun but socially-aware world with guitars, exuberance and honesty, along with the misuse of inappropriate and inaccurate presidential quotes..

Robert Brown

Sun 23rd Jun - 4:00pm

Robert Brown is an emerging singer songwriter with obvious comparisons such as Nick Drake, Davy Graham and Jimmy Page, not only in his writing but with his remarkable finger style technique. “I was lucky as a kid. When I was 17 I got to tour with Dick Heckstall Smith, and later in my teens I toured the southern states for 6 months with the US funk rock outfit the Blast. It was a crazy learning curve in which I saw our promoter being shot and having Boy Georges producer chasing us all over Houston thinking we were the next big thing and had free coke to burn!” Whilst touring in New York last year, he was also approached by Alice Cooper’s Press agent and tour manager after they heard a particular track. Songs that are remembered the next day seem to be one of his main gifts. Extensive travelling in Europe, North Africa and North America have enabled Robert to absorb the music and culture, and this emerges in subtle rootsy nuances within his work. Some obvious, some hidden to all but the expert ear. “I’m flattered to have had artists use and want to cover my songs, but I won’t sell out for the privilege. I’ve met people who literally try to work out a plan for the fastest way they can sell their souls for a fast buck and 15 minutes of fame. Over the years the music business has come into and out of my life. To quote Roy Harper “It’s not important that I become a millionaire. I’m a sparrow in the gutter. I will always be able to make a living”

Cut Throat Francis

Fri 28th Jun - 9:15pm

- One of Bristol's finest upcoming bands Cut Throat Francis drop into Bridport tonight to play for the very first time. Formed in the summer of 2017, Cut Throat Francis are a four-piece band combining Folk, Swing and upbeat Eastern European flavours. They are known for the array of instruments they bring to their live show including Banjo, Mandolin and Melodica as well as rich four-part harmonies and a thumping beat from the Cajon! They released their debut E.P. ‘Ghosts’, in May 2018 with Screamlite Records and have been busy recording a new release scheduled for early 2019. The band have played summer festivals such as Boomtown and Wonderfields as well as great venues across the Southwest, London, and the Midlands, including a recent cracker in Bristol with FBC favourites Imprints and The Skimmity Hitchers.


Sat 29th Jun - 9:15pm

Lil Jim

Sun 30th Jun - 4:00pm

Lil Jim is an award winning, multi-instrumentalist. Dynamic and irrepressible. Seamlessly tying the roots of traditional music with modern arrangements and hooks. Combining guitar, harmonica and accordion with vocals and foot percussion to create a fresh sound of unstoppable rhythm and unrelenting melody. From supporting Hayseed Dixie, Paul Jones, The Waterboys and Midge Ure, with standout performances at Leek Blues and Americana and Acoustic Festival of Britain, Lil Jim is fast becoming the must-see act on the festival and touring circuit.


Open Mic Night

Wed 3rd Jul - 8:30pm

Pack your talent and leave the safety of the bedroom and come on down and strut your inner rock star so that all can enjoy. All types of musician and poet welcomed. Better come early to book yer space.

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The Guns of Navarone

Fri 5th Jul - 9:15pm

Classic Ska with touches of Northern Soul. You won’t be able keep your feet still.

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Stealing Whiskey

Sat 6th Jul - 9:15pm

Stealing Whiskey are a modern folk band from Dorset specialising in upbeat, hand-crafted, harmonic tunes that will please your ears and legs. Making a name for themselves around the county for the past few years, Fuelled By Cider are delighted to bring them to Bridport's music venue The Ropemakers

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The Velvet Doonicans

Sun 7th Jul - 4:00pm

The Velvet Doonicans were formed when the Velvet Underground replaced Lou Reed with Val Doonican in the early 70s. It was a whole new direction for the band and, sadly, soon led to the demise of the band that had come to represent the complete anarchic anti-music antithesis to the summer of love and to middle of the road cartoon Irish folk music.

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Ropemakers Cheese Club

Wed 10th Jul - 7:30pm

Six cheeses to try based on a selection of winners at this year’s British Cheese Awards. Six superb cheeses all served with a selection of crackers and accompaniments. Tickets are available from the bar at £7.00 each. Get your tickets early for this popular night as we have limited spaces. Booking for this event is essential.

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fri 12th Jul - 9:15pm

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The Mighty Small ft. Paulo Morena

Sat 13th Jul - 9:15pm

If you thought you'd seen and heard it all music-wise, you’d better prepare for TheMightySmall: a one man band for the 21st Century. The music grabs you from the very first breath and takes you on an emotional journey of soulful melodies and classic rock whilst hailing the distant tones of Van Morrison, Jeff Buckley and a slight hint of Dylan. The live-looping approach to performance, wrangling loops in similarly compelling style to a professional spinner of plates whilst turning out perfectly crafted multi-instrumental electro/folk/rock mash-ups is a show to behold.

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Brian Stone

Sun 14th Jul - 4:00pm

Brian was in his late teens when his first band The Sequels played popular 60s covers in the Hampshire area in the early 80s. A decade or so later he was in a covers and writing 3 piece party band in Cambridgeshire called Crimson Kipper among other things. These days Brian has taken to the road solo with his acoustic act and a whole load of new songs on the subject of life, love and piracy. At home on stages big and small at pubs, clubs, concerts and festivals, his catchy, witty, personal songs will strike a chord with many. He loves to get other musicians involved and whether in a big venue or jamming around a firepit you can be sure of some great entertainment. "Brian Stone is musician with bags of charm, enthusiasm and has a crowd magnetism that is a delight not to resist. His rumbustious eclectic mix of modern just a joy to be part of.

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The Sunset Cafe Stompers

Mon 15th Jul - 8:15pm

The Sunset Cafe was a top night-spot on Chicago’s infamous South Side. Al Capone owned it, Louis Armstrong starred there. The Sunset Cafe Stompers do play the music of that period... great tunes from Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller... but the band’s wide repertoire also features songs made famous by artists as diverse as Patsy Cline, Marilyn Monroe, the Inkspots, Fats Domino... even Elvis. Beneath it all, one can sense the elusive, shifting, pulse which defines the sound of New Orleans. In that city, ever since the 1900s, bands have been hired to attract a crowd, or to add spirit and generate excitement for all kinds of occasion. Throughout the last twenty years we have followed in that tradition: playing jazz clubs, concerts for churches, arts centres, village dances, weddings, festivals, funerals, garden parties... from our Dorset/Somerset base, down to Cornwall and up to Cumbria

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Fri 19th Jul - 9:15pm

Bemis are recognised among their peers as a superb live act who can headline any bill. They are Gareth Howells, Louis Howells, Dillon Hughes, Mark Finn and Ian Scarbro. They're an acoustic rock group led by the songs of frontman Gareth Howells, with guitars played with attack, wrapped up in a punchy sound provided by a solid rhythm section. Getting an enviable reputation with their own take on the covers they perform, and their original songs heard across their albums.

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Davey Malonne & the Longtails

Sat 20th Jul - 9:15pm

Davey Malone & The Longtails are the new musical offering from Scary Dave, best known as front man of punk skiffle outfit Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs. Davey is accompanied by a few well chosen friends and together they will be unleashing themselves on you! "A folk-punk phenomenon, a dark and dodgy dealer in high tragedy, comedy and sparkling morality. He'll have you laughing, weeping and thinking things you won't want to mention in polite company. Blending powerful political folk numbers with comic ditties, Davey seizes the crowd's attention with charisma and talent both, and delivers entertainment in spades" - The Good Gig Guide

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James Hollingsworth

Sun 21st Jul - 4:00pm

South-West England-based James Hollingsworth has a passionate voice and a unique, complex acoustic guitar finger-style, reminiscent of Andalusian guitar, fusing elements of folk, blues, trance, metal and psychedelic rock. Since turning professional in 2006 he's played numerous festivals, private bookings, folk, acoustic and rock venues nationally, supported Nick Harper (twice since 2008), and again this Friday 1 Feb, 2019)), Cara Dillon, Hazel O'Connor, 60's legends It's a Beautiful Day and Barry 'The Fish' Melton (of Country Joe and The Fish), who said: "It was truly a phenomenal experience hearing James Hollingsworth's music, I know now that the tradition of groundbreaking music is in good hands. Thank you, James – Barry Melton." A former long-time resident of Bristol's Tantric Jazz Cafe, James is adaptable and spontaneous, picking material with his mood and that of the audience. As well as being a critically acclaimed songwriter, he performs soulful interpretations from his repertoire of 300+ covers

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The Wing Faced Earth Figs

Fri 26th Jul - 9:15pm

The Wing Faced Earth Figs were freshly formed in the past few years festival circuit. Combining the musical experience of Jake on folk fiddle, Ollie playing incredible jazzy flute and Jolly with his off the wall lyrics, guitar and clarinet, creating an infectiously dance-able delight that still seeks an accurate definition-”bounding campfire jazz”? you won't be disappointed.

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The Striking Clock

at 27th July - 9:15pm

The Striking Clock are an energetic and virtuosic trio specialising in instrumental Celtic music. Their arrangements of traditional tunes incorporate chordal accompaniments you’d want to serve up with a nice glass of red. Horizontal, harmonic lead bass

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Garry "The Slide Guy" Smith

Sun 28th Jul - 4:00pm

Playing a National Resophonic Style 1 Tricone Garry aims to take slide guitar out of the "Blues Ghetto". So a typical set will include his own songs and instrumentals alongside covers of artists such as Joe Ely, Richard Thompson or Tom Waits. There may even be some actual Blues. Or Irish Music.