Friday 1st December - 9:15pm

The Bonsai Pirates

Pop shanties and rabble rousing tunes hailing from the sunny south coast Bonsai Pirates are a swaggering indie-folk band, tinged with hiphop, and soaked in rum. Based in Dorset, our aim is to get people up and dancing, singing and smiling. We sing songs of love, the sea and tattoos.

Saturday 2nd December - 9:15pm

The Sweetchunks Band

The Sweetchunks band is a three piece comedy folk band from Hampshire. Who have been on the UK underground and festival circuit for 10 years. Getting people dancing laughing and drinking with a vast catalogue of fan favourite originals. 2022 has been the band's biggest year yet with two nationwide tours and multiple festival appearances and a New Album to be released early in 2023. 2022 Music Festival appearances included: Gig in a field, Nah then, HeFF, Bearded Theory, The Isle of Wight Festival, Victorious Festival, Boomtown and a triumphant set to a filled Bimble inn at Beautiful Days festival.“The Sweetchunks Band are one of the funniest bands I have ever seen, Singing fun sing alongs and brilliant original songs. Sweetchunks brought their own party atmosphere with them. Imagine Tenacious D if fronted by Brian Blessed"

Sunday 3rd December - 4:00pm

Nick Coleman

Nick is a singer songwriter from the northern quarter of Dorset . A successful 2023 has seen him travel all over the southwest performing his wares . Next stop Bridport! Unique vocal and dynamic guitar with occasional loop station antics , with a some left field covers thrown in for good measure . An afternoon with Nick promises to be an interesting experience . Join him as he begins picking up the pace from relative unknown to releasing music in 2024 . Watch this space !

Wednesday 6th December - 7:30pm

Open Mic Session

We extend a big welcome to all musicians, poets, comedians, storytellers and any other performers to come down and show your talents in the Ropemakers Open Mic Night. Hosted by the talented Chris Deacon

Friday 8th December - 9:15pm

Zoe Schwarz Bluz Party

Funky rocking blues with Rob Koral-guitar, Anth Caplen-bass, Ady Milward-drums ... rootsy original songs, strong catchy riffs 'n grooves, plus a few cool covers.

Saturday 9th December - 9:15pm


Originally spawned in Wales, WINDSHAKE have resided in Bristol for the better part of three years where they have laboured and toiled in the vain hope of making good. The first act in this comedy of errors reached completion with the release of the band's debut album "Waking Moment" in December 2021. The second act commenced with the release of stand-alone single "Great Again" on Friday 27th of May. This track marks a move for the band out of sun-drenched acoustic folk and into a groovier, more danceable neon-blazed psychedelic-funk-pop. "Who's Taking My Place?", a follow-up, is intended for release in late summer.

Sunday 10th December - 4:00pm

Rosie Eade

Rosie Eade is primarily a solo musician and singer-songwriter, playing around the folk/rock/acoustic genre at folk-clubs, pubs and festivals all round the country (2010 included Glastonbury's Avalon Cafe, Beautiful Days, Rochester Sweeps and Bearded Theory). She plays lively and evocative life inspired songs of her own, interspersed with carefully chosen traditional songs, all arranged around her love of folk, rock and thrashing her old nylon strung guitar.

Wednesday 13th December

December Cheese Club

This month we welcome six supremely delicious and very special cheeses from Italy that are known a Drunk Cheese or Ubriaco, together with crackers and accompaniments. Ubriaco is a unique Italian cheese hailing from Treviso in the region of Veneto. The cheese is traditionally made from cow's milk. It is left to age, and during the last few months of aging, Ubriaco is soaked in dry and sparkling Prosecco wine with seeds, skins, and other leftovers from the process of making wine. When fully mature, Ubriaco has a soft texture which becomes firmer and crumblier with further aging. Its aroma is floral, while the flavors are rich, full, and fruity. It is believed that the cheese was developed during WWI, when local farmers used to hide their cheeses from soldiers by placing the cheese in wine barrels. There will be three sittings, one at 7:30 pm, one at 8:00 pm and one at 8:30 pm. The cost for this event is £10.50 per head and there will be a selections of paired drinks chosen by Palmers Wine Store available for purchase. Booking for this event is essential

Friday 19th December - 9:15pm

The Surfin' Birds

Psychedelic surf rockers. Thundering their way to a gathering near you this year secreting rustic rockabilly charm, allow their guttural guitars and dynamic drums to reverberate your reason and magnify the madness. Simply throw back your hair, whirl that waistline onwards and follow your frenzied feet to the searing sounds of Dorset's musical sensation that is The Surfin' Birds.

Saturday 16th December - 9:15pm

The Mutter Slater Band

Many people who have heard MSB play would agree that the overriding emotion that lingers and taken home in the heart after a sweat-drenched performance is joy. The infectious joy shared by six musicians at the height of their powers playing the music they love. MSB’s music is slippery when it comes to categorisation. You think you hear traces of 60s soul or possibly blues when hints of heartland rock make an appearance and a nod towards country music can easily be confounded by a psychedelic wig out. Mutter’s addiction to ‘a half-decent tune’ and the band playing what comes naturally are the main consistencies and there is always and ever will be the joy

Sunday 17th December - 4:00pm


Jinder is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is best known for his extensive catalogue of dark folk-and-country-influenced solo work, including his 2019 Top 40 single, 'Keep Me In Your Heart', which features in the 2019 film Fisherman's Friends and has been successfully covered by many other artists. He is also known for his brief tenure as the frontman of The Mercurymen. A musician from an early age, Jinder began a lifelong career in song-writing in his early teen year

Monday 18th December - 8:15pm

The Sunset Café Stompers

The Sunset Cafe was a top night-spot on Chicago’s infamous South Side. Al Capone owned it, Louis Armstrong starred there. The Sunset Cafe Stompers do play the music of that period... great tunes from Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller... but the band’s wide repertoire also features songs made famous by artists as diverse as Patsy Cline, Marilyn Monroe, the Inkspots, Fats Domino... even Elvis. Beneath it all, one can sense the elusive, shifting, pulse which defines the sound of New Orleans. In that city, ever since the 1900s, bands have been hired to attract a crowd, or to add spirit and generate excitement for all kinds of occasion. Throughout the last twenty years we have followed in that tradition: playing jazz clubs, concerts for churches, arts centres, village dances, weddings, festivals, funerals, garden parties... from our Dorset/Somerset base, down to Cornwall and up to Cumbria

Friday 22nd December - 9:15pm

The Fat Marrow Blues Band

The Fat Marrow Band play jazzy rhythm and blues with a feel good factor. Experienced and reliable they find inspiration in traditional blues music and update and embellish it with brass, harmonica and sparkling guitar to create a fantastic sound. Influences such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, John Mayall and Robert Cray are all used, and, having played together for some time, the music is tight and polished.

Tuesday 26th December - 7:00pm

Big Fat Christmas Quiz

Purely for the fun and frivolity we bring you the popular Christmas Quiz. Booking your place is essential!! The winner will receive a bottle of wine and they will be very proud!

Sunday 31st December - 9:00pm onwards

DJ Santa's New Year's Eve Party!

Get down to a night of Ska and Reggae with DJ SANTA spinning old and new vinyl. Great tunes from the master of the genre.