Friday 10th September - 9:15pm

The Surfin' Birds

The psychosonic constellations are clearing so open your airwaves and countenance these cavalcades of swinging surf and raucous rockabilly. Thundering their way to a gathering near you this year secreting rustic rockabilly charm, allow their guttural guitars and dynamic drums to reverberate your reason and magnify the madness. Simply throw back your hair, whirl that waistline onwards and follow your frenzied feet to the searing sounds of Dorset's musical sensation that is The Surfin' Birds

Saturday 11th September

Mother Ukers

The Mother Ukers are a Ukulele band performing covers and original material for your pleasure. Using ukuleles of all shapes and sizes the Mother Ukers take you on a musical journey through time and space. Mixing up sounds captured in the minds of mortals from over a hundred years to create their unique ‘Ukular Fusion’. With songs & flavours of Modern pop, Punk, Classic rock, the Swinging 60s, Fabulous 50s blended together and marinated with the sound and rhythms of the roaring 20s and seasoned with a touch of the blues in a swamp grass melody. The Mother Ukers unleash the power of their humble little four string ukes and guarantee to tickle your ears, kiss your soul & get them feet a tapping!

Sunday 12th September - 4:00pm

Tim Holehouse and AJ Simmonds

Extremely talented singer songwriter who puts his own quirky twists and turns to his music. We saw him quietly playing in the garden and booked him. 15 years he has been touring the globe, like a stone gathering no moss. This time he is ably supported by the talented A J Simmonds.

Friday 17th September - 9:15pm

Plastic Jeezus plus Edd Bleach

Plastic Jeezus are a Bournemouth-based duo who have been bringing their unique brand of uptempo wryness to the masses for the last few years. With original tunes that'll get stuck in your head, rhythms that'll make you want to dance and lyrics that'll make you laugh out loud, Plastic Jeezus are guaranteed to bring a smile to audiences’ faces. Simon (ukulele) and Aaron (bass) will brighten up any event, and have played at all sorts of venues from packed-out biker bars in Dorset to headlining the main stage at the prestigious Grand Northern Ukulele festival in Huddersfield, via the likes of Teddy Rocks festival (alongside Ash and Feeder), headline slots at the world renowned Wimborne Minster Folk Festival and a sold-out St. Pancras Old Church in London, by invitation of cult-favourites, The Lounge Kittens. Their 2017 debut album 'Choose Your Own Misadventure' received rave reviews, withcritics hailing it as 'undoubtedly the best ukulele-based comedy album released thisyear', 'a wonderful album' and 'incredibly infectious'. The ‘Quite Heavy Things’ E.P. was released in June 2019, which received even more enthusiastic reviews: ‘Catchy, clever, cheeky, creative and darn entertaining', 'fun, jaunty and catchy' and 'brilliantly written, performed really well, and [...] about as feel-good as music gets'. In December 2020 the band released a festive E.P. named ‘Utter Baubles’, and again the critics loved it, describing it as ‘a delightful collection of songs’, ‘funny, festive and fabulous’, ‘songs that kept us laughing long after they had stopped playing’ . Or – as one critic wrote - ‘Utter Baubles? Utter Genius, more like!’. But to enjoy the band at their witty, up-tempo best, it's all about the live experience. Raucous sing-alongs, audience participation - an impromptu kazoo orchestra - anything could happen when Plastic Jeezus take to the stage. Here supported by the incredible Edd Bleach

Saturday 18th September - 9:15pm


This event is to celebrate the Landlady, Geraldine’s birthday of note from earlier in the year when we were locked down. We are extremely pleased to have them back. Their blend of psychadelic funk they brought to the Ropemakers was another level with their incredible original songs and their absolute jaw dropping covers of funk, soul and blues classics from Marley to the Mac, Hendrix ...

Sunday 19th September - 4:00pm

Andy Twyman

Andy is a one man band who combines comedy with talented musicianship. When Andy released the first ever naked Christmas music video it hit the national headlines, leading The Mirror newspaper to ask “Is this the best Christmas music video ever?” With the topics of his songs ranging from pandas to Luxembourg via Pot Noodle, Andy Twyman blends blues with humour and rock and roll to titillate your ears, mind and toes. Having already performed at Glastonbury Festival, on BBC Radio, and on Channel 4, Andy’s reputation is growing as a highly original emerging artist

Monday 20th September - 8:15pm

The Sunset Cafe Stompers

The Stompers are one of the top UK jazz bands and play the music of the golden age of jazz … great melodies from Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington… and the band's wide repertoire also features songs made famous by artists as diverse as Patsy Cline, Marilyn Monroe, Fats Domino… Beneath it all lies that enthralling pulse - the sound of New Orleans. Great feet tappin' music!

Friday 24th September - 9:15pm

The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show

Hidden in the back corners of Dorset, England comes a ramshackle country group unlike any other. The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show is an eight piece group with synchronicity unlike any other boot stompin’, country rockin’ octet. Formed in the small village of Witchampton, The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show has been on the map since 2016. So far they have released the critically acclaimed album Weeding Out the Wicked in May of 2017, clenching three Oscars and a Grammy.

Saturday 25th September - 9:15pm

John D Revelator

Glastonbury based purveyors of folkabilly toetappers and revolution.

Sunday 26th September - 4:00pm

The Velvet Doonicans

The Velvet Underground replaced Lou Reed with Val Doonican in the early 70s - a whole new direction for them which, sadly, soon to lead to the demise of the band that had come to represent the complete anarchic anti-music antithesis to the summer of love and to middle-of-the-road cartoon Irish folk music. The Velvet Doonicans (Arnie Cottrell, Graham Bushell and Rick Foot) came to the rescue, however, picked up the torch and ran in the opposite direction. Wherever that is! The rest is history.

Friday 1st October - 9:15pm


Showing their love of country music, NC4OM cover a wide range of tracks the ‘train beat’ style of Johnny Cash, the alt stylings of Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams to the more laid back style of Freedy Johnson all mixed with punk attitude.

Saturday 2nd October - 9:15pm

Luke Philbrick and the Solid Gone Skiffle Explosion

Innovative roots rock and skiffle music drawing on traditional blues, jazz and folk influences and with frequent forays into gypsy-tinged psychedelia. Breathtakingly powerful vocals, raw delta blues styled guitar and an almost tribal foot-stomping beat combine with a potent cocktail of saxophone, violin and harmonica to create a special atmosphere. Songs are distinctive and original relating to subjects such as slavery, losing one’s religion, death, cowboys and father-in-laws going to hell! Hailing from Gloucestershire, in South West England, Luke Philbrick and the Solid Gone Skiffle Invasion have built up a strong local fan-base and always leave audiences wanting more during their many travels throughout the UK and Europe. Performances often feature homemade instruments, improvised jam sessions and a dynamic line up

Sunday 3rd October - 9:15pm

Danny Adams

Danny's art of performance and production has already helped him achieve some of his dreams and aspirations including making his first EP with Tribal Law at Abbey Road Studios with living legend Eddie Kramer in 2010, to being 1 of only one hundred singers chosen out of 180,000 to Audition For the first Series of BBC's The Voice UK 2012. Performing to live to audiences ranging from hundreds to thousands since the age of 6 and cutting his teeth gigging from age 13, Music and the love of music is as much a part of Danny as the love he has for his family and friends. With the release of his first album with "The Black Mariahs" in 2013 and constant work live and in the studio with up and coming talent of all genres, Danny hopes to make an impression on the world of music and its listeners with his unique style, performance, sound design, and song writing

Wednesday 6th October

Open Mic Night

Pack your talent and leave the safety of the bedroom and come on down and strut your inner rock star so that all can enjoy. All types of musician and poet welcomed. Better come early to book yer space. Hosted by the talented Chris Deacon

Friday 8th October - 9:15pm


Bridport based Rocksteady band with a little Latin infusion. 7 piece band guaranteed to get you moving! Guitar - Philip Wilcock Bass - Richie Robertson Drums - Jim Sherman Sax - Simon Hartung Trumpet - Michael Grew Keys - Thomas Hughes Percussion - Ben

Saturday 9th October - 4:00pm

We Shall Overcome

Details to be announced

Sunday 10th October - 4:00pm

Artey Williams and Laura Savina

Welcome to a relaxed Sunday Session with two enchanting musicians playing for your sole delight

Wednesday 13th October - 7:30pm

Cheese Club

This month we welcome six delicious cheeses from Moyden's Cheese, Shropshire, together with crackers and accompaniments . There will be three sittings, one at 7:30pm, one at 8:00pm and one at 8:30pm. The cost for this event is £7.50 per head and there will be a selections of drinks chosen by Palmers Wine Store available for purchase. Booking for this event is essential.

Friday 15th October - 9:15pm

N. U. M. B.

Formed in 2007, N.U.M.B. (Never Underestimate Musical Belief) are a live alternative Hip Hop band successfully fusing Reggae, Rap, DnB and Folk. With a reputation for energetic, foot stomping live performances, sublime grooves and infectious songs that stick in your head, N.U.M.B. bring the festival vibe to any event. With over 700 live performances under their belt, they’ve honed their craft and have supported Arrested Development, Peter Andre, Mica Paris, Frank Turner, The Beat, and Finley Quaye to name a few. They’re a festival favourite too boasting appearances at Glastonbury, 02 Wireless Festival, Beach Break Live, Solfest, Farmer Phil’s Festival and they’ve been nominated for Best Band of the Year and Best Album of the Year at The South West Music Awards. They came 2nd in the UK heat of Global Battle of the Bands and got to the final 10 bands from 30,000 in the 02 Wireless Unsigned Competition. N.U.M.B. have are also sponsored by UK guitar manufacturer Faith Guitars and ethical urban clothing firm The Hemp Trading Company.

Saturday 16th October - 9:15pm

The Back Wood Redeemers

Hailing from deepest Somerset, BWR are pledged to bring forth songs of dark country, twisted blues & religious fervor.

Sunday 17th October - 4:00pm

Alex Green

The delightful voice of Alex Green singing some beautiful acoustic songs.

Monday 18th October - 8:15pm

The Sunset Cafe Stompers

The Stompers are one of the top UK jazz bands and play the music of the golden age of jazz … great melodies from Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington… and the band's wide repertoire also features songs made famous by artists as diverse as Patsy Cline, Marilyn Monroe, Fats Domino… Beneath it all lies that enthralling pulse - the sound of New Orleans. Great feet tappin' music!

Friday 22nd October - 9:15pm


TwoManTing was formed in 2004, when Jon Lewis and Jah-man Aggrey were working together in world/dance band Le Cod Afrique, performing at the likes of WOMAD, Montreux Jazz Festival and Glastonbury. Since then, the duo has been performing regularly throughout the UK, and particularly on the Festival circuit. Festie shows have included Glastonbury, the Secret Garden Party, Musicport, Green Man, Whychwood, Big Green Gathering, Off the Tracks, Sunrise Celebration, Broadstairs Folk Week, Small World, name but a few. Recent arts centre shows have included support slots for Mali desert-blues legends, Tinariwen, and Muntu Valdo. TwoManTing are regularly featured on UK and US radio stations. The album “Legacy” is a collection of 12 songs, some old, some new, all recorded in the Autumn of 2010. We feel it captures the essence of the live TwoManTing show, with Jon’s bouncy African guitar licks, live looped to create a full band sound. This is complemented by Jah’s djembe beats, and meaningful and witty lyrics, sung in Krio - his native tongue from Sierra Leone

Saturday 23rd October - 9:15pm

Jolly Roger

They are all about following their rockstar dreams and encouraging everyone to follow the same while having a foot-stomping rocking time with everyone at their gigs, providing mighty one-liners, awesome powerful songs and just being human (well pirates).

Sunday 24th October - 4:00pm


Jinder (born 19 April 1981) is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is best known for his extensive catalogue of dark folk-and-country-influenced solo work, including his 2019 Top 40 single, 'Keep Me In Your Heart', which features in the 2019 film Fisherman's Friends and has been successfully covered by many other artists. He is also known for his brief tenure as the frontman of The Mercurymen. A musician from an early age, Jinder began a lifelong career in songwriting in his early teen years.

Friday 29th October - 9:15pm


Saturday 30th October - 9:15pm

Muddy Summers and the DFW's

Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores are a radical feistyfolkpunkpop band based in the UK. They perform predominantly on the festival circuit and we at the Ropemakers are extremely proud to have them perform for us. Muddy Summers and The Dirty Field Whores have been a moveable feast for some years now, but over the last two they’ve had a consistently all-female line up and, it has to be said, it is their best and most successful incarnation by far. Hailing from the Forest of Dean and Nottingham and fronted by the irrepressible Gail Something Else (she of the wonderfully anarchic Something Else festivals), this radical feistyfolkpunkpop band are in their prime, and their second album, From Seeds, is a refreshing slice of female perspective bursting at the seams with confidence and strength. With irresistibly catchy rhythms and urgent poetry, sweet and mournful fiddle, haunting flute, impudent melodica, and a driving cajon, it’s a big two-fingered salute to patriarchy, monarchy, ‘normality’, arbitrary inequality and to every ‘ism’ and ‘ist’ you could care to list. Fearlessly, the songs address issues such as abortion, breastfeeding (and rejection of the social stigma of), the worries and responsibilities of motherhood in these fraught and worrying times, the taint and disparity of capitalism, the endless misogyny that should surely have run its course by now, and the pisstaking price we pay as women who bleed. You may find yourself swaying, laughing, nodding in recognition and despair, your hackles and goosebumps raised in solidarity. There’s every chance you’ll be singing along at the top of your voice to the more anthemic festival favourites.

Sunday 31st October - 4:00pm


Dryadic boast an impressive mix up of rhythms which underpin candid, heartfelt lyrics, traversing an acoustic spectrum with Eastern European influence at one end, and British trad-folk at the other. The Brighton based duo masterfully command their audiences with a inimitable balance of trad, new, alternative, romantic and political. Songwriters Zora (vocals, guitar), and Joanna (fiddle, guitar, vocals) formed the outfit in 2017 following the breakup of the gypsy folk-roots 5 piece - The Tatsmiths who were well known for their kicking performances at Glastonbury, Boomtown, Brighton Pride, Brunswick Festival, Shambala and more.